Dignity: We value each person as unique, to be respected and empowered.


Accountability: We hold everyone at Community Living Burlington responsible for the safety, security and well-being of the people entrusted in our care.

Advocacy and Inclusiveness

Advocacy and Inclusiveness: We value, promote and protect the right to full access to services within our community for those we support.


Service: We are committed to an exceptional quality service approach based on the uniqueness of each person we support.


Partnerships: We value and promote collaboration with our community partners and stakeholders.

Human Resources & Leadership

Human Resources & Leadership: We value the human resources that enable the organization to achieve the highest quality of service to the people we support.


The mission of Community Living Burlington is to enrich the quality of life and to promote full and meaningful inclusion in our community of individuals who have a developmental disability.

Community Living Burlington's Events:

Community Living Burlington strives to be the service provider of choice in Burlington. For upcoming workshops and classes please click on July's calendar.

Celebrating 60 Years of Excellence:

On October 25th, 2015 Community Living Burlington hosted our 60th Anniversary Open House. Please click here for more information. 

Update: The Closure of Sheltered Workshops:

On November 29th 2015 Moira Welsh, investigative news reporter from the Toronto Star reported, “Ontario will eliminate provincially funded workshops where people with intellectual disabilities do menial tasks for pennies a day, says a top official with Ontario's Ministry of Community and Social Services.” The decision is the strongest statement yet from the Ministry following a Toronto Star series exposing the problem with Sheltered Workshops. Initially, the government announced there would be no new admissions to the workshops. Now the province plans to close Sheltered Workshops forever.

For more information please refer to the following:
•    Fact sheet for participants and families, please click here


ARC Transformation Success Stories: 

Susan's story                                                        Adam's story

Let’s stop the use of the “R” word! 

Matt currently attends Community Living Burlington’s Start It Right Program and ARC Industries. His sister, Mairi, a grade 9 teacher, was frustrated that students in her class were continually using the “R” word to tease each other so she created a short video. “When you use the R word, you not only hurt the young man in this video, you also hurt me…because this is my brother” 

Please click here to watch Matt's video!

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