What Does Community Living Burlington Mean to You? Interview conducted on January 8, 2007


Darlene is a very protective mother of son Archie who is now a 22 year old young man. She has provided all the care he needs to ensure her son has a well balanced life. When Archie was younger Darlene contacted Maureen through Halton Support Services. With the support of Halton Support Services, Darlene was able to engage her son in many activities such as swimming, bowling, movies and horse back riding lessons. When Archie turned 14, he started to attend Dunk n Dive which was linked to Community Living Burlington. Halton Support Services always kept Darlene informed of the opportunities that Community Living Burlington provided. They mentioned the possibility of providing respite care at one of their residential homes. Darlene decided it was time to provide Archie with new opportunities in the community and the chance to meet new friends. Archie started to receive respite care at Berkshire house once a month; this was continued for 2 years. In September 2003 a Community Living Burlington Respite House was opened. Archie attended the Respite House after school and stayed over on weekends twice a month. The Respite House was like a second home for Archie and he loved it. Unfortunately, the Respite House was closed in June 2005. Archie graduated from Robert Bateman High School in 2005. Community Living Burlington opened a Transitional Day Program in July 2005. Archie started to attend this program shortly after graduating from High School. Archie enjoys attending the program as he gets to do so much in his community. He always looks forward to what the next day will bring. Archie enjoys going to the SPCA, YMCA, bowling, coffee club and much more. As the question arose What does Community Living Burlington mean to you? Archie's mother Darlene had lots to say. She said that since he has been involved with Community Living Burlington he has become more independent. Attending the Transitional and Respite programs has given Archie the freedom to be a productive person in his community. Being involved with Community Living Burlington has opened many doors for Darlene and her son. Archie now attends the Community Living Burlington dances, fan club, Out n About and receives overnight Respite once a month at a support workers home. Lastly, Darlene emphasized that when he (Archie) is happy, I am happy, and he is.



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